Bedfordshire LOC

All practices are required to have an NHS email account as this is how you will be communicated with by the PSU and NHS England team. It will also be useful for emailing patient referrals and otherb sensitive information to GP’s and Hospitals as it is a secure system.

If you have never had an mail account then please contact:

Interim Data, IT and Information Analyst
Diego Riccitelli  01707 367261 alternative email mark FAO Data and Information Analyst

If you have an account and your password expires then contact the relevant service desk:

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Luton  01707 294080
Northamptonshire  01604 638777
Milton Keynes  01908 500085

Once the service desk has reset your password you will need to log on to your account from an N3 connection. if you do not have an N3 connection then you will have to visit an NHS building or GP practice with whom you have a relationship to use their terminal.


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