Bedfordshire LOC


It is becoming County wide including Luton. See service Specification below.

All access to the service is now via a central number 0800 316 9200. Direct appointments can no longer be made with the practice. Details will be taken by the central service and then passed on for a telephone triage, which is undertaken external to the County to avoid bias. Those that require a face to face will have the details added to Pharmoutcomes and an email sent to either the patients own practitioner if participating in the scheme or the practice closest geographically to where they live.

The practice can then log in to Pharmoutcomes and accept or reject the referral and call the patient to book into the relevant clinic. 

Assessment, software and payments all continue for existing practices, however for new practice registrations see form below.

MECS accreditation is not a requirement of CUES as it can not be taken at this time, however the online part 1 of MECS is highly recommended to new practitioners to the service and you should contact David on the email below to get a code.

If you need any further details please email David Brett-Williams




Registration Form

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